Exploring the Realm of Street Art: Subversion and Rebellion

Abstract: This paper seeks to explore the subject of Street Art as rebellious and subversive in nature by considering the visual text above. It attempts to answer the question: β€œIn what way is Street Art different? How does it distance itself from other forms of art? Will it continue to be Avant-garde?”. The paper shall […]

So I Wrote a Children’s Story

One of our assignments recently was to write a children’s story. I was so excited to finally get an assignment that would demand a combination of two of my most favourite things in the world – Writing and Drawing. The illustrations herewith are primarily sourced from freepik vectors but I have modified them (quite a […]

The Shadow And The Girl – Collaboration

I watch her kneeling there and feel the thrill of this intimacy even though she doesn’t know I’m here. I gaze at the curve of her naked back, the slenderness of her young hips, the smoothness of her shoulders. I want to sink my teeth into them and feel her shudder. But we’re not alone […]

Picture Quotes

Having seen so many picture quotes on my Facebook recently, got me thinking, what if I found the right pictures for the short poetry I write or the fun one-liners I come up with. I wanted to test out the theory that pictures make more of an impact than just mere words. And so, at […]

Education and Humility

Education and humility are considered synonymous. It is taken for granted, as a natural assumption that education results in humility, that it helps you become a better person. That somehow, when you exit an educational institution, you are enlightened, empathetic, understanding and gentle but most of all, humble. This assumption might have been true for […]

Food Crossword!

We need to publish a newsletter for our Mass Communication paper and we were told that it needs to have an “activity” page. So, I made a crossword πŸ˜‰ all about food! I’m so in love with it! See how you score πŸ˜‰ Let me know in the comments below! Good Luck! πŸ˜€