So I Wrote a Children’s Story

One of our assignments recently was to write a children’s story. I was so excited to finally get an assignment that would demand a combination of two of my most favourite things in the world – Writing and Drawing. The illustrations herewith are primarily sourced from freepik vectors but I have modified them (quite a lot). My teacher even told me that I could try and get this published!! I’m elated!

Let me know what you like about the story. The cover looked like this! So precious ❤

Find the Story Here




5 thoughts on “So I Wrote a Children’s Story

  1. Beautiful illustrations.
    A few comments:
    1. Why does Oreo continue searching after she hears the answer of the flower?
    2. I personally did not like the character of the poet who answers every question asked. The true answers are the answers you find for yourself.
    Kudos for writing such an elegant and thoughtful children’s story!


    1. Thanks!

      I think Oreo was not satisfied with the answer so continued on her quest!

      The poet, I believe does not truly answer oreos question but provides a plausible/negotiable solution that will allow Oreo to place the other answers she might get for the same question, thereby dismissing her supposition that there is just one correct answer!

      Thats how I see it 🙂

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