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Wanted to write something for Alan Rickman when I came across this. Couldn’t have written it better.

Alan, always –

I recently began sharing
the world of Harry Potter
with my six-year-old,
who called Professor Snape
his favorite character.

“Because he was protecting Harry!

My heart sank
this morning
when I learned
Alan Rickman,
the actor who
breathed such life
into Snape,
had died.

But then,
then I saw
one Rickman quote
repeated everywhere
I looked:

When I’m eighty years old
and sitting in my rocking chair,
I’ll be reading Harry Potter.
And my family will say to me,
“After all this time?”
And I will say, “Always.”

He will never read
Harry Potter at eighty,
or even seventy, and
that’s sadder
than the word “sad”
does justice.

But I can’t help smiling,
reading those words.

Eighty is fleeting
compared to always.

Rickman lived his dreams,
and I, in his audience,
got to share
this one
with him.

At twelve,
at forty,
at sixty,
that is

That is



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