Of Internships and Experiences

Gone are the days when we had to walk into offices, wait for hours together for an interview and then anxiously await the results for weeks to get a simple internship at a company for a job you were probably overqualified for!

I am amazed by the number of websites that offer internships (paid ones at that) at the click of a button. No, it isn’t the technology that escapes me, I’m pretty good at that stuff. It’s just the easy access that is difficult to believe. I have now successfully completed two internships in the capacity of a content writer through these sites and now pursuing another as a content writer and developer at http://www.quicksearch.in

And what’s more, you have a plethora of choices at these websites! You can choose what you want to do, where you want to work, how you prefer working, the timings, the remuneration and much more. To me, this has been a boon. I knew I was good at writing, but these internships have taught me about adhering to deadlines, responsibility, writing for a specific target audience, being clear and precise in my objectives all the while being grammatically and politically correct 😉 (Yes, its the latter that’s a little difficult to get hold of 😛 ).

Here’s a few of the articles I wrote for my current internship:



Do you know of any websites that offer international internships? Would love to try it out! 🙂


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