Back To Basics!

Coloring had always been viewed as an activity for children and then came mandalas 😉

For about a month now, I’d come across this particular word across the internet.. it seemed fun and it was coloring!

I made the simple design on my own and printed it out, but that was too easy to color so followed it up with a more complex one.



It is indeed relaxing and the results are pretty good too .. what do you think!? I will continue this for a while… I have some great sketches to color among them is a badass lion and an elephant! Excited! 🙂


27 thoughts on “Back To Basics!

  1. it looks nice. reminds me of school, where we would fill in the squares of maths exercise books with our felt tip pens… What I can’t quite get, is the idea of real mandalas made with coloured sand to not last and be kept. What an exercise in caducity.

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  2. I forgot how relaxing coloring can be until I began doing it with my two year old grandson. The only problem is, he loses interest and doesn’t understand when I start something I have to finish it. The ones you did above look particularly challenging but the end result is beautiful!

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