Mad About Money

Found this on facebook, disturbing but true.





8 thoughts on “Mad About Money

  1. “Food” (?) for thought:
    Money has no value until you do something with it. Somebody with $1M in the bank is no different from somebody with nothing in the bank because, being in the bank dictates it is not serving a purpose (except for the bank). Of course it will gain interest but then you simply have more “no value” in the bank.
    Am I suggesting that saving serves no purpose? Certainly not! If you are saving with a specific goal in mind, then the money is serving a purpose. My issue is with people who are letting money accumulate “just because” and in a world where so much hardship is financial based, that is very sad.
    Saving for the proverbial “rainy day”? Fine …… but then put a value on that “rainy day” and if you still have money left……….. make it realise its value by doing something with it!
    $500.00 in the bank and serving no purpose could be converted (by donation) to helping a young girl get off the streets; or support a woman’s education; or help a young man rebuild his life by learning a trade.
    Many of us have choices to either depart this life knowing that our financial circumstances allowed us the privilege of helping those less fortunate…….. or we can depart this life knowing that we left a lot of money in the bank. We did not use it for our own pleasure. We did not use it to do good. We simply allowed the bank to invest it and make a profit from it. Did we leave it specifically for our children? Then the thought should be …….. will they use my money in a responsible manner, or will they simply go on a self indulgent spending spree. Research suggests that money that is not earned, is rarely appreciated. Just some thoughts. 🙂

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