#1: Sid


I’ve been contemplating this for enough time now…enough procrastination…here goes.

This is the first character of my upcoming short story(ies). I drew the sketch yesterday while preparing for my exam :p hence the not-so-neat lines! People, meet Siddharth – Sid for short.

Oh! And he loves the colour blue! šŸ™‚

An introvert at heart, Sid loves to ponder. 23 years old, he regularly battles the never-ending existential questions that plague him. He finds it difficult to trust people owing to his dark past.


When he isn’t brooding, he loves long walks in the park again involving excessive thinking (sometimes over thinking) on his part. Like Hardy and his pessimism, Sid believes that his whole life will turn out to be a farce and that he is just whiling away time when he could be doing something productive (although what that is, he doesn’t know).


So what do you think of him? šŸ˜‰ lemme know.


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