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I eyed him
Nestling comfortably between my thighs
Arrogant and Unappeased
I could never satisfy him.

Sleepless, I’d spent three nights
Trying to quench his desires,
I never could understand
His disgustingly voracious appetite.

Every time I looked at him
I wanted to break his spine
To rip him up into shreds
And flush them down the drain.

His very presence suffocated me
When he lay on the bed,
Naked, Bare,
Inviting me to fondle him
I would turn away with disgust.

Ugh! He is so possessive,
He doesn’t let me meet my friends,
He never let’s me party
He hates to see me happy.

Why the hell did i think
That he would be fun!
He revels in my misery,
To fuel up his sadistic fantasies.

With him, everyday was an ordeal,
Giving up was no big deal
But maybe this was my penance
For all the happiness I’d experienced before.

NO! I cannot take it anymore
I need to choke the last breath out of him
Or better, i will stab him to death,
The sight of his blood over my sheets
Might give me the revenge i thirst for.

I pick up the only sharp object i find,
A pen,
A sly smile on my face,
I creep up behind him, raise my arm and-

My mother’s voice at the door
“I see you finally got down to write your assignment”.


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