Freedom and Her

Everywhere she sees, from people to buildings, on faces to Facebook everything is smeared with saffron, white and green. Patriotism is in, the tiranga is in vogue and #IndependanceDay is trending. In the midst of all this freedom frenzy, She asks herself a question that always rests at the back of her mind. This question that haunts her, tortures her very being, torments her in her moments of vulnerability, feeds hungrily on her insecurities, echoes through her words and rests in her thoughts.
Was She Really Free?

8 thoughts on “Freedom and Her

  1. A very good question, the answer to which will be guided by “her” definition of freedom. If we take an analytical view of freedom, and include all possible permutations of meanings, then we may be free after this life……… but never during. 🙂

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