Fate and Distance


They were in the same city,
She wanted to see him off
If she could,
She would have
Run her fingers through his hair
Fussed over him
Placed her tiny hands over his
Drawn shapes on his back
And waved
Till his train was
A tiny dot in the horizon
But he knew she couldn’t,
So They wore shades of
Helplessness, Anxiety
Regret, Melancholy
Wrapped themselves
In love and understanding.
Separated by fate
It was distance
That bound them forever.


19 thoughts on “Fate and Distance

  1. Very good. I Iove the contrast of “bound (forever) by distance”. Similarly “perfect imperfections”; “deafening silence” etc. Those “opposites” add so much colour to a writing. 🙂

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  2. I loved this. ‘Fate and Distance’ . I am acquainted with them. Sometimes it feels like love is not enough. The game is won when the ball of fate reaches your court.
    The picture of two lovers separated through distance has touched me. Love is unrestricted. Who knows, it’d flow across the border too!

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  3. Lovely piece! I love the lines toward the end. “They wore shades of…” brilliantly syntaxed <— not quite a word, but you catch my drift, yes? 😉 Thanks for following my cite. I truly appreciate reading good poetry and meeting other writers/poets. Have a lovely day!

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