Two complete strangers
Seemingly imperfect,
Incomplete, broken,
Met on a cold morning.

She, a staunch cynic,
He, an ardent realist,
Both wore a mask
That only the other could recognize.

Winter turned to summer,
As they pulled off their masks ,
Surprised to discover
A striking similarity.

He saw her, weak, vulnerable
She saw him, diffident, desolate
They journeyed together,
A couple of lost souls, perfectly imperfect.

Now, through their eyes,
he sees her
Not as an equal, but
As a superior.

Receding into his shell
Wallowing in his misery
He repeats their words :
“She deserves better”.

So consumed by contempt
For himself is he, that
He seeks refuge, in his mistaken hope
That she will find another more deserving.

Exasperated, she wonders,
Why doesn’t he remember
I chose him not for his perfection,
But for his scars.


11 thoughts on “Scars

  1. Sangeetha! This is so so good! I had been missing your great work and I hope you are back 🙂

    and I would love if you visit my page as well! you were among few people who had known my blogs from the beginning and it ll mean alooot ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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