#15 : Monday Morning Haiku (MMH)


“Will you wait for me? Forever?”
He questioned. She smiled,
“Yes. But will you make me wait forever?”


13 thoughts on “#15 : Monday Morning Haiku (MMH)

      1. How about “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. As leftoverrecipes noted, she has physically aged but is still a young woman on the inside. Is that how she sees herself, or is that how he sees her??????

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      2. Maybe thats how they see each other… in their minds.. he still sees her as the young, beautiful woman he made promises to.. even though years have passed.. he still clings on to the belief that she’s still hopeful… and waiting for his return.
        She realises that he still hasnt fulfilled his promise of returning, but Sherrie she thinks of him, the time they spent together, She can’t help but feel the bbutterflies in her stomach and the magical tingles she used to feel before. That takes her back to her youth… the memories of love so intense and powerful that she feels that the clock’s turned back.

        P.S.: just my imagination talking 😉

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