I didnt notice that my last post was four days ago! Sorry all, I’ve just been caught up with examinations, in fact, I have another coming up tomorrow 😉

I read “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe today, I must say, it’s beautiful. Not to mention catchy! So now you understand the title of my poem ;).

I know I cannot match his poetic genius, this particular word just caught my fancy, so here goes :


She had always been strong,
It was a choice she had made,
To pay no heed to their words,
To be immune to their insults.

She wanted to be safe,
And to that effect,
She erected many walls
With many locks.

One day,
Dismayed, She realized
The walls had grown bigger,
As had the locks.

She tried in vain,
To break free of the chains,
Neither sheer strength
Nor mere motivation
Helped her.

Knowing there was no escape,
She put on a countenance;
Of optimism, of hope
Of happiness and of strength.

They called her stone hearted,
And with their judging eyes regarded
An emotionless wretch,
Who was nothing but a bore.

She could see their eyes,
And read their minds,
But alas,
There was nobody to read hers .

Finally, He arrived,
His eyes pierced her soul,
His darkness enveloped hers
In a warm embrace.

She thought he was the one
Who would shatter the walls,
And free her,
From her fortress of solitude.

Who would not shrink
From her strength,
From her choice,
But would strive to increase it.

But, he said :
“I deserve to see you cry”
Surprised, She pondered
“Why shouldn’t I give it a try?”

So she tried and tried,
And not a drop of tear,
And then, in despair thought
She could never weep.

It was in that moment of abandon,
That all the walls shattered,
Tear upon tear
Graced her cheek.

All those years of work,
Spent on building those walls,
In vain,
Only to be broken by his words.

Ecstatic she rediscovered,
A forgotten emotion,
Only to realise,
That it now controlled her.

Resigned to her fate,
A moment of reckless abandon,
She spent her life,
Smiling Nevermore.


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