He never believed
That he deserved her,
He was afraid that
She would find someone better.

She knew that she didn’t
Want anyone else but him,
And no matter what she said,
He wasn’t convinced.

She told him :

I promise to never leave you
To always support you
To respect you more than I love you
To not let you go

I promise to hug you tight
To kiss you like my life depends on it
To mess up your hair
I promise to preserve your smile

I promise to share your troubles and sadness
To always trust you
And to be there when you need me

I promise that I’ll never give up on us
That I’ll never discredit your choices
That you will never have to compare yourself to me
I promise to show you that ours is a relationship, not a competition

I promise that this rough patch is very small
You will realise that you are worth it
That you will never need to feel inferior or insecure
I promise that nothing will come between us.

I know we will have our share of
Differences, Quarrels
Problems and Fights
I also know that our love will prevail.

If you think its the better for us
To stop
That the right thing for me would be
To search for someone better
Then, I promise to spend my whole life
Proving you wrong.


19 thoughts on “Promise

  1. Very nicely written and could well form the basis for wedding (or equivalent) vows. The only other thought I had was what if the man was trying to “dump” her? Is he really that insecure, or is it a big act? In this scenario, it would be quite comical to see him trying all he knew to push her away in some subtle manner, while all the time she is resolving all the perceived relationship conflicts. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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