The Idea of Identity

I wrote this when I was waiting for a friend. I don’t know what possessed me to think about it, but it resulted in this. So here goes :


Everything in life is so short lived. We while away our time in search of our identity. What if the concept of a specific individual identity is entirely wrong? What if we are meant to be a mΓ©lange of millions of tiny and different little things? If we are bound together physically in one form by numerous strands of our thoughts, emotions and experiences, doesn’t that make us a whole?

And what if each incident we come across, every obstacle we overcome and every other emotion we feel adds another dimension to our being?

Doesn’t that sound like a better idea than to believe that we are born into one defined identity , that we need to spend our while lives in search of it and if we fail in doing so, we fail at living?

Why would I ever want to be just a single idea? I can be a million things at once! Now Isn’t that a beautiful thing?


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