#15 : The Bibliophilic Optimist


No argument here 😉 🙂 I’ve always loved the books better than their movie adaptations!

Have you watched any movies that have done justice to their literary counterparts?


30 thoughts on “#15 : The Bibliophilic Optimist

  1. My immediate reaction is “No!”, but then I have a pretty agile imagination. For somebody with little to no creative side, then current special effects could well surpass a book. I guess to be technically correct, we should not be comparing a book against a movie, but more ones imaginative interpretation of a book vs the special effects of a movie. As for LOTR? The book wins!

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      1. I would go as far as to say that the movie was an extremely good representation of the book, but I still preferred the book for the ability to create my own scenes, atmosphere etc. When watching a movie, we are basically going along with the Producer/Director’s interpretation. 🙂
        On a point of accuracy, your pic shows a book claiming to be better than the movie however, your text mentions “doing justice” to its literary origins so ……………..
        LOTR movie is not as good as the book.
        LOTR move does do justice to the book.

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  2. They were both so beautiful. It’s my favourite book and I love the movie. I think I just have so much respect for how true they were able to stay to the original story and the love with which everyone involved–the cast, crew, etc.–brought to the project. ❤ 🙂

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  3. Hmm…LOTR does justice to the book but is not as good as the book. In many ways I think you have to evaluate the two on a different scale. In almost all cases…I go with the book.

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  4. The only book-to-movie that I can say I 100% prefer the movie is Practical Magic. I’ve loved that movie for years and finally got around to reading the book a month or so ago… I did not like the book at all. I don’t even think I would prefer the book if I had read it before seeing the movie.

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  5. Do you know, I’ve been thinking of all the movies and all the books – I have to say the obvious I’m afraid. Movies are only as good as the director, the actors and these days, the CGI! All the imagination is done for you, but books, that’s where we have all the imaginations and it’s always so much better! I love films, but they just, well… films. Books are so much more in our heads. 😉

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  6. I honestly found LOTR movie adaptation better than the book… The books were definitely good but the movie had a profound impact on me. I found the characters easier to relate to… The books had an intensity that distanced the characters from the reader. Maybe this is because I was ten when I read the books 😦 .
    Narnia, the movies were so much better than the books!!!! The books were plain dry.

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