Monday Morning Haiku (MMH) : #13

Illusions of a changed world
Where different is

P.S : Yes I know, if different were normal, it wouldn’t actually be different in the first place, but you get the gist 😉 at least I hope you do 🙂


12 thoughts on “Monday Morning Haiku (MMH) : #13

    1. But then…. if we are all finding different intriguing, then we are………… not different? Perhaps my association of “different” with a degree of uniqueness is wrong. Perhaps different can simply be applied to a minority in any given situation? i.e. The East Indian population of the UK are different?

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      1. Well yeah. Probably that was what I was thinking too. 🙂
        Now there is a difference between different and uniqueness. 😀


      2. It’s an interesting topic because (in my earlier comment) whereas I could see the East Indian population in the UK as different/unique, I could equally see them as not different/unique simply based on the size of the East Indian population i.e. perspective would seem to be the defining factor. Accepting the perspective argument, it could be said that I am unique (if seeing me as an individual), or I am not unique (if seeing me as a Canadian). “Different” would therefore appear to be defined in the same manner. I need more sleep! 🙂


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