Every Bibliophile’s Favourite Lie


Now isn’t that true! But only when it’s not my college books 😉

I lose all track of time, commitments, schedules and meetings when I get lost in a book.

When I was sixteen, I remember reading  “The Hound of Baskervilles” till 2am! Imagine my horror when I heard a howl just as I was reading the scary part where Watson comes across the blood curdling howl! I was so lost in the book that I failed to realise that the howl I heard was of a nocturnal street dog! 😉 hahahah!

Has this happened to you too? Care to share any funny recollections?


22 thoughts on “Every Bibliophile’s Favourite Lie

  1. Great story (Great book too) – not sure I can beat that, but I did once disturb members of my household when I was younger, reading late at night (when I should have been asleep) and laughing out loud!

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  2. Sounds to me like a simple willpower issue. How about “Just one more minute” (before doing something you are not too enthused about); Just one more drink (before leaving); Just one more piece of cake (before starting that exercise program); Just one more cigarette (before quitting) ….. and so it goes on.

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  3. Haha that is soooo true. I remember wen I read the Maze Runner I kept on sayin oo I jx want to see wat it is about. Oh I want to know how Thomas becomes a Runner. Oh I just want to know how the got out of the glade. Before I realized, I had finished all three books lolzz. In a day, pausing for only food and bathroom breaks lolzz!

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  4. I have a tendency to read, “just one more” poem. I probably don’t allow myself enough time to let the poems marinate long enough to fully appreciate them as others are capable of doing. At times, I will tear through a book of poems, be it Osip Mandlestam, Pierre Reverdy, or Bukowski, and be back to the shelf looking for more…. glad I found y’all on wordpress!

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