Just Another Day?


She had never understood or appreciated,
All the hype that
The fourteenth of February wrought;

But now that she had him
She knew that it was not the date
That was special
It was the person.

4 thoughts on “Just Another Day?

  1. It’s always nice to read lines that emphasize the significance of people. In our world of commercial dictates; where nothing is more important than the “bottom line”; where highly paid professionals are employed to convince us to spend money at their bidding; how nice it is to be reminded that (quite simply) ……. We just are! We are not our image. We are not our status in society. We are not our financial situation. We just are!
    If expression of affection is dictated by a calendar and a public relations exercise, then the affection is rather shallow and pointless. We are capable of expressing affection at any time. We just are!

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