#11 : The Bibliophilic Optimist


Amazing isn’t it? Reading this single quote makes me rethink my whole life. The books we read influence us in ways that no lecture or movie can hope to. Sometimes I think the way I feel, react, write and even analyse/think is determined by the books I have read, not that its a bad thing. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Which book do you believe has had an  influence on you recently?


13 thoughts on “#11 : The Bibliophilic Optimist

  1. It wouldn’t be a single book, that can make the entire me. Part of it is true, that books do make who we are and how we react n behave. But for me movies have also played a great role in building the me. That movies might have been based on novels eg twilight.
    Some books or magazines like SciAm made the geezy me.

    Books are indeed mans best friend n teacher.

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  2. “Watership Down” – It is interesting (to me) that a fictional story about rabbits can almost be (perhaps is?) a parody on our human world. At the end of the book, I was not only reaching for the Kleenex box but also dismayed at how little the human race has matured. Why would it take a book about rabbits to reinforce the obvious? I’m still pondering that question.

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