Six Words

The ugly truth – in six words :





India will always have its rich heritage, its colourful culture and it’s glorious past. There’s no denying that. Isn’t it up to us to protect, preserve and propagate our history while building a society that the future generations will look upon with pride?

We carry the immense responsibility of the nation’s future upon our shoulders. We need to ask ourselves :
Do we utilise our present for the betterment of the future or do we jeopardise the future by whiling away our present?


8 thoughts on “Six Words

  1. Please give serious consideration to are political career. India needs you. You are highlighting issues that a large proportion of the population cannot/will not relate to and (most unfortunately) what many politicians do not see as worthy of their time

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      1. You are serving it now, albeit in a small way, by publicizing what appear to be your core beliefs. If you can “sell” those concepts to fellow students, and if you all go your respective ways and continue to promote those same beliefs …………………………..! “Rome was not built in a day.”

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