#6 : Bonjour Tout Le Monde


And there’s no point worrying about it! Agree? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “#6 : Bonjour Tout Le Monde

  1. Great message – don’t do anything because it’s out of your control; give up; why bother; that’s fate etc. etc. etc ad nauseum. To think that a popular song made that phrase known. Analyzing the song lyrics is also an interesting (and sad) task. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hahahah πŸ™‚ sometimes letting things take their own course is better than worrying about them. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to not think about it… Just worrying excessively is pointless.


      1. Que sera etc. etc. does not say that. “What will be will be” does not say it’s not worth worrying about it. It does say that you have no control. “What will be will be” is a definitive statement. To a logical person “no control” = pointless trying to change.
        I agree with your comments, but not in the context of your quote! Consider the lyrics “Will I be pretty, will I be rich ……………………..” (from memory so hopefully correct). Pretty is a total subjective term as is rich so neither fits the “what will be will be” line. Total drivel………. which made a lot of money! I think that I had better stop here!:)

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  2. Not really. While whatever will be will be, in the time we have we should strive to make this world a better place. I have come to realize that everyone dies; what matters is how you spent your time on this world. Shouldn’t I take the trouble to make it better for the people after me, even if I won’t be able to control my future as I would wish? Our light shines on; lets make it a bright one.

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    1. To me, this quote signifies acceptance of the inevitability of change. Its not that I should give up or lose faith on something because I failed at it, it’s that I should realise that maybe I’ll be better at something else! True, from your POV it does sound a tad hopeless but ultimately I realise that a quote can be interpreted and understood in many ways. Probably, down the lane, this quote will mean something else to me entirely. You never know! πŸ™‚


      1. C’est la vie? There is a difference between accepting the inevitability of change, and accepting change at “face value”. i.e. It is inevitable that your biological clock is ticking and your body will age over the course of time. That is inevitable. However, you can impact the aging progress by choice. You can age prematurely if you chose, or you can grow old gracefully. “What will be will be” is grammatically a definitive statement and no matter what you do, it will not change anything. “What may be may be” may be better!
        I think you have two discussion points here:
        1. The lyrics of a song that was popular around the late 50’s.
        2. The concept of change and whether we can impact same. πŸ™‚

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