A “Sweet” Welcome : 2015


What better way to start off the year and my TGG posts than a yummy cake! 🙂 The cream is orange in colour because its fun 😉 almost similar to my favourite colour…red 😉 :p


Four layers of creamy goodness! <3, dark chocolate shavings, almonds pistachios and cashew nuts 🙂

Couldn't keep my hands off it! 🙂 A wonderful start to 2015 wouldn't you say?? What did you cook this year 😉 ?


33 thoughts on “A “Sweet” Welcome : 2015

      1. Well, I suspect you don’t need it anyway. Not from what little I’ve seen of you. Unlike myself who has had to work like crazy with exercise just to not look completely ill all the time!

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  1. 121 Curves to Happiness*

    Dad’s open-air, safety strapless fire engine
    hauls seven kids, two adults to Roseland on a
    mid-June circa sixty eight birthday afternoon.
    Skee-ball champ trades high-score stubs
    for a ticket to the moon.

    Sunfish sailors return refreshed after a tacky
    morning. Lisa and Gigi got what they wanted
    in a boat gliding through lily pads.
    Here* our bond grows playing monopoly:
    two Moms, one Son and two Dads.

    Dry your tears, rejoin friends, value time,
    honor your blessings, follow your dreams.
    Young spirit meets old, walls tumble, no
    man can distinguish celestial streams
    in time to reverse economic collapse.

    James lights up the room laughing,
    deep in schadenfreud, joined by Dad
    and Mom in bankruptcy court, destroyed
    by money-bags, the infamous
    railroad tycoon, locomotives deployed.

    *There are 121 curves on Route 64 from Brevard to
    Back Nine Lane near Cashiers. The Christmas monopoly
    game (2010) is held at 345 Back Nine Lane causing
    memories of Canandaigua, fire engines and old friends.

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