Deep – Dish Deliciousness!

Here’s another TGG (The Guiltless Glutton) post for you guys :).

Look at it...Sitting in the oven patiently, waiting to be gobbled up! 😉 ❤

We (My sister and I) decided to make deep dish pizza for lunch today. Made the base at home for the first time, it came out pretty well! And the sauce was just yum…spicy with oregano ❤ Apart from loads of cheddar and mozzarella, we put in onions and capsicum….. Mouthwatering!


As you can see, it not very huge. We just used a muffin tray. It had loads of cheese though. And we made two of these beauties! 😉

I chose to take the picture in our backyard because it provides contrast...what do you think?

I’ll probably make Mac and cheese next time! Any other suggestions… Vegetarian cheese dishes?? 😉 😉


8 thoughts on “Deep – Dish Deliciousness!

  1. Mmm! 🙂 That’s all I have to say about your deep dish pizza. 🙂
    I’d like more ideas for cheesy vegetarian dishes, too. A lot of Mexican dishes can be that way. That’s why I love going to Mexican restaurants. My fiance and I are planning to do that for New Year’s Day.

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