My Reflection’s Confessions

This is a poem that I wrote for a competition last year. I’ve been waiting to share it with all of you πŸ™‚ I entered the competition thinking that we could write about anything that came into our minds, but all of a sudden, the judge of the competition walked into the room and placed a mirror in front of us, declaring that to be the subject. This would be my second poem and I was terrified! Honestly, I just stared at the blank page for about thirty minutes.

Finally when I did get down to penning down my thoughts, this is how it turned out. πŸ™‚ It’s a bit patchy, but this little poem here did fetch me the first prize πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

Edgar Degas

I gaze at my reflection,

Wondering, β€œWhat do I see?”

Am I supposed to see myself?

Or all that I can be?


I see the real me,

Trapped inside this facade –

Hiding in plain sight;

Just waiting to be unleashed.


I relive my father’s anger

And my mother’s disappointment,

Cursing the day of my birth :

β€œWhy, Oh why did it have to be a girl!”


I see the empty classroom

Where my teacher touched me in ways forbidden,

I let him be, He was my teacher,

How could he be wrong?


I can still taste my salty tears

When I was dragged out of college,

β€œA girl is not supposed to study so much”

My father’s words still ringing in my ears.


This broken mirror like my shattered dreams of freedom,

The day I was β€œmarried – off” to a stranger,

Leaving, I see my parents heave a sigh of relief,

As if they had gotten rid of a pest.


I again experience the shock I felt

On discovering a whole new family,

That hated me as much as my last one,

My scarred body, a testament to their disappointment.


Here, again, I see the fiery eyes of my husband,

Following my every movement, His hands

Itching to beat me – a slave for his demonic pleasure;

Turning a deaf ear to my pleas for mercy.


Staring into the blank eyes of my reflection,

I see Rejection, Dejection,

Abuse, Transgression,

Crime, Cruelty, Injustice,

Suppression and Inferiority.

And the one question that haunts me,

Does everyone see it too?


I now recognise these same eyes,

Passing me on the street,

Sitting next to me on the train,

Even staring at me from the billboards.


I now realise, This mirror is my salvation,

And everyday I will return,

To ponder upon my reflection

Hoping to see my true self smiling back.


22 thoughts on “My Reflection’s Confessions

  1. What an emotional ride ………… for me! I would suggest that First Place was well deserved and I am going to forward a link to my daughter who has had a very “challenging” life, and I know that she will be able to empathize with a number of your experiences. Great poem. Loved it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanku πŸ™‚ and just a small clarification, not all the experiences are personal πŸ™‚ I’m still 20. πŸ™‚ I wrote this poem to give a voice to countless women who endure hardships that I can hardly imagine. I am indeed blessed to have wonderful parents and a beautiful childhood. This poem reminds me to be thankful for all that I have been given because not everybody is as fortunate.


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