Everyday Facebook Experience #1

Yeah, you heard it right! All of us have come across irritating people on Facebook at one point or another. Strangers who are intolerable. Here’s an example :

For the record. He is :
1. A complete stranger. (They can text you unless I block them)
2. The previous conversation ended with this text from me. “I’m sorry, I don’t know you”.
3. Seriously how long does it take for a person to know that he needs to stop texting!
4. Needless to say, he’s blocked now. And yeah, I was late in doing so, had exams.

Will one letter make a difference? Seriously? The spelling of “come”! So infuriating. Right!????



I’ve blocked out his name. I’m not that evil 😉 :p

Do you guys meet such creeps too? Its creepy in the beginning but now its just pathetic and funny to me. Is it a very common occurrence or is this a part of your everyday Facebook experience?

This is just the tip of the iceberg!


14 thoughts on “Everyday Facebook Experience #1

  1. I avoid troublemakers on Facebook by not revealing any phone number, restricting it only to family, friends (I actually know in person), and trusted – very trusted – people I’ve encountered over time on the net.

    And if any woman got weird with me on FB, well, my wife would go nuts! 😉

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  2. It’s all about the privacy settings. Creepy people, hundreds of game invites, people who have to share everything they see.. It’s why I rarely use Facebook. I’ve got several friend requests from young women from my town that I don’t know. These women invariably have new pages and are strippers at the local strip club. A place, mind you, I have never entered and have no desire to.

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  3. You will meet such stipid people lot on fb…you wont believe, i got a guy’s good morning & gud night messg for 2 months without fail…but i didnt see those meszg as they were dropping in my other message folder, but the moment i saw them, i blocked that idiot! and to top of It, now they can even call you also through fb…really irritating!

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  4. I’m fairly open with my Facebook and will accept anyone who doesn’t seem to be a complete creep as long as our mutual friends check out. Over the years this has result in gaining some very good friends – people I go on to meet in real life who turn out to be genuine and lovely. However, on the first sign of creepiness or irritating texting – they’re out! And I’ll block them if they pester after that! People get one shot with me and only one!

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