The “Business” Of Marriage


That dreaded night,
As he entered her their room,
She realised that this
Was the first time she would
Clearly see him.

Before the wedding,
She had always peeked,
Through her eyelashes,
And from behind curtains.
To catch a glimpse of his face.

While their parents chatted away,
About the “blessed occasion”,
Discussing the “business” of marriage.

Now, As he undressed swiftly,
Shocks of Surprise, Confusion
Amazement and Fear
Jolted her tiny body.

A man she had never
Spoken to, laughed with,
Or shared a trivial secret with,
Looked at her as a prize,
A toy to play with,
A treasure to plunder.

They had always taught her,
“Beware of strangers”
And here, they allowed, no, encouraged
A stranger to climb into her bed.


18 thoughts on “The “Business” Of Marriage

  1. Great double entendre, the “business” of marriage. The term applies to the aspects the parents chat about, and what happens on the wedding night.
    So very different from what is the norm here in the US. The few couples I know who’ve moved here from India, mostly speak nostalgically about arranged marriage. But then, they seem happy in the matches their own parents arranged. Fortunately they are not requiring this approach for their American-born children.

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  2. I think the change is taking place. At least on the stranger part. She now knows how her husband is, has met him and has talked to him more than they did earlier. Whether he is good / bad, she knows. Mostly. The pain is that she isn’t allowed to decide for herself! Beautifully written.

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