This poem is so hauntingly beautiful. Worth reading, awesome blog too.

Broken Masterpiece

Truth can be a lot of things, but never inflated.
It can’t be twisted, it can’t be debated.
In our world, Seeing 25, means you made it.
But as time goes on,
the feelins get jaded.
Because I’m black, I’m less than…
I’m hated.

Being proud, means running a risk.
Repenting daily, and praying they miss.
Accepting the unwillingness to think twice,
only after the shock, after the life.
They kidnap the kids, but kill the wife.

Cycle of violence, fueled by revenge.
Hurt and frustration,
not one will descend.

Yea, we want different things,
but we all wanna win.
We’re Divided by status,
and the color of our skin.

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2 thoughts on “Skin

  1. A beautiful, but very sad, depiction of society in general. Specifics may vary, but the message is still true. I shake my head in exasperation because it is my belief (not necessarily well founded) that all major religions project a “love thy neighbour” message. How on earth did we come to be such a mutually intolerant species? Perhaps we always were and the internet made it more noticable? Hypocracy is everywhere.
    I used to work with a Pakistani doctor who had a great sense of humour such that we could joke about our differences, and he made the following statement which, while humourous, has such truth within it.
    “When you (I am English) were born, you started out red. You probably turned yellow for a short time before you turned white. When you are feeling sick you may well have a tinge of yellow/green, and when you are cold you go blue. Stay in the sun and you turn brown………… and you call ME coloured!”

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