Www Wednesday #2

To participate in WWW Wednesday, you need to answer three questions:

What are you currently reading?


What did you recently finish reading?


What do you think you’ll read next?


“The Idea of Justice” is illuminating. ❤ His writing style is just awesome 🙂

Well, I just started reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird", finally 😉 I've just read a couple of pages, liking it so far.

I've always enjoyed Coelho's work. I've read all his other books so I thought I could add this one too and finish the list 😉 Have you guys read it? What do you think?

28 thoughts on “Www Wednesday #2

  1. okay, this is my favourite.
    I am reading The Promise by Nikita Singh right now, and i just finished reading When only love remains by Durjoy datta. And i want to read any novel named under Richard Castle, I’d prefer the latest work Raging heat. Now, i’m in for the www Wednesday. What next?

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      1. well i’d love to write the reviews, but not in my blog. how about i mail it to you and you publish it? would that do?
        And the promise…yes, its a general chic-lit read with a lot of bollywood and tragedy in it. but if you like anything like yash raj films…i’m sure you’ll like this book.

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      2. Ohhh.. Thats nice, i havent really read much of the indian authors when it comes to fiction, should start now 🙂

        Sure 🙂 I would love to put up your reviews 🙂 may I ask why you dont want to?


  2. I also love To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s a classic, and with great reason 🙂 I’ve just finished reading Jack of Kinrowan by Charles de Lint, and it is amazing. My next book? Depends on when my kids let me read 😉

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  3. It’s modern fantasy. Instead of putting fairies in 12th century Ireland, Fairies, gnomes and their less savory cousins are all around us in the middle of the city today. In addition to the magical story telling, he’s also one of the few fantasy authors who consistently have female protagonists (Jack is short for Jacqueline 🙂 ).

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  4. I’m currently reading Beyond the Silk Mills by Leslie Rupley, historical fiction about unions and labor. It is interesting to me because it is about Paterson, N.J., where I was born. Before that I read “Are We There Yet? The Golden Age of American Family Vacations” by Susan Sessions Rugh as part of the research I was doing for a series of blog posts about the history of vacationing in American. Next i expect to read “Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore,” bu Robin Sloan.

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