Need, Wish and Requirement


What every optimist needs,
What every realist wishes,
What every pessimist requires,
Is to be proved wrong,
Once in a while.


13 thoughts on “Need, Wish and Requirement

  1. Can’t fault that however, it did get me thinking (which is good!). If an optimist was never proved wrong, I guess they would become a realist. If a pessimist was never proved wrong, I guess they would probably jump off a bridge somewhere at some point in time. However, if I realist was never proved wrong………….. I guess they would remain a realist. Hmmmmmm!

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    1. So …. as the three traits are based on attitude towards a situation as distinct from the outcome. then if an optimist is never proved right, they could still be viewed as an optimist from an optimist’s perspective; they could be viewed as misguided (from a realist’s perspective, and could be viewed as totally stupid (“Duh!”) from a pessimist’s perspective.

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  2. કોઇપણ વસ્તું કે માણસની એટલી બધી અપેક્ષા ન રાખવી કે. તેના વગર જીવી ના શકાય
    Any thing that man should not expect much. Can not live without it 🙂


  3. कसी भी व्यक्ति या चीज़ की इतनी अपेक्षा नहीं रखनी चाहिए की हम उनके बगेर जी ना पाए


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