India’s Ironies

There are a lot of great things about India, but sometimes I just don’t understand this hypocrisy.

We hide behind this so called “culture”, when we are actually going against it in every possible way. Is there a solution for this pitiable condition that we are in?




To ask these questions and to express these sentiments is a crime by itself these days. When being a realist earns you the title of “pessimist” and “desh drohi” (traitor).

A sad state of society indeed. šŸ˜¦ :/

15 thoughts on “India’s Ironies

  1. I would not presume to say anything about what you say about your country.

    I will, however, offer this. I feel it applies universally: when we question, that’s the necessary first step to achieving true freedom and eventual change.

    Always question. šŸ™‚

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  2. I lived in India as a child and have very vivid fond memories. That was a long while ago. One thing I will say, globally there is a change, the masses are more connected than ever and we all now have a voice, we all now see more clearly.
    Keep opening our eyes and hearts. Your passage “politicians divide us, terrorists unite us” is very compelling.
    On a spiritual level, the journey and our part in it, is what it is about. The rest, have faith, you are part of the greater part of it. Tell your stories, reach our hearts.

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  3. Hopefully, as the current leaders are replaced by the next generation then some degree of enlightenment resulting in change will happen. Your own generation will also have its opportunity soon enough. I really wish that I had a better answer for you.

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  4. I think Asia has its own unique set of hypocrises and corruptions but each country has its own too. I’ve long been a fierce critic of corruption in the UK (my country) and often written that I would prefer the corruption of Bangladesh (which is similar to India’s in many ways) than that of the ‘hidden in plain sight’ institutionalised corruption and bigotry of the English state. I guess we all see the faults of our own countries far more easily…

    I loved the quote about politicians and terrorists by the way – true all over the world!

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    1. That’s true šŸ™‚ as I’ve mentioned before, we are prone to criticise that which we find familiar šŸ™‚ I do realise that each country has its own set of problems, even each one of us have our own setbacks. Maybe this realisation is the first step towards improvement…. I think..


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