Makes Me Wonder!


Although we refuse to admit it, we always believe that grass is always greener on the other side don’t we?

But what if it isn’t? What if we are just stuck with what we’ve got? What if its up to us to make it a better place, a place we envision ourselves in? It sure makes me wonder… What about you?


18 thoughts on “Makes Me Wonder!

  1. “What if its up to us to make it a better place, a place we envision ourselves in?”

    I think every writer is motivated by the urgent uneasiness that comes from seeing that things aren’t quite right. That’s what drove writers as different as Jonathan Swift and Kurt Vonnegut. Imagining a better world is the first step toward realizing it.

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  2. Perhaps one good example of this would be the “Good Ole Days.” Everyone wants to fondly remember the good ol days, when life was but a joy and everything and everyone, were so much better. But in reality, they were not, they were just perceived as being that way.

    Just as we think ourselves unique and different in every way, when in fact, we are all virtually the same, all 3 billion of us.

    Floating thru space on a tiny little green sphere.


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  3. I’m confused! If the only way to improve our world is by taking an active role in said improvements, but if we believe that our existence is futile ……… then aren’t we in a bit of a self conflict? I believe that there are many people whose lives may be perceived as futile and I also believe that while I cannot change the world, I can certainly change a small part of it.


    1. I do not mean to say that we shouldn’t try to improve our worlds, its the endless dissatisfactions we have. No matter how good it is, we always want something better. I feel we would be better off when we first learn to appreciate what we have before we look for something better. 🙂 and its just my opinion, although I see that your statement too makes a valid point 🙂 Thanku 🙂


      1. Totally agree but we need to break away from commercialism, peer approval, and (in many cases) poor self esteem. The danger (I would suggest) from being too content with our current situation, is that we take away the motivation to improve. In the context of overall human development, that would be undesirable. In the context of our personal lifestyle, I would suggest it necessary if happiness is the goal. Is the person living comfortably in a loving environment in a small home any happier than same in a large home? Is the person driving the Lamborgini any happier (long term) than a person who is driving a compact car? If two people were in identical circumstances however one spent all the surplus money on themselves, while the other gave all their surplus money to (e.g.) abused women shelters, who would be the happier?
        Our biggest enemy is our perception of happiness and, unfortunately, there are many high powered businesses out there who thrive on telling us we really need more of everything.

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  4. I am loving your blog and your writing.
    This was an especially timely question on the first day of my new job after ten years at my last.
    There was a movie with Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson called, As Good as it Gets
    He was in his Psychiatrist’s waiting room and asked the room – What if THIS is as good as it gets? 😏😆
    Great post!
    Hopefully, I’ve got more good coming. 😉

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  5. No, we don’t always believe that the grass is greener………! We may want to believe it, but some of us are also realists. We are capable of analyzing circumstances and can therefore move beyond belief in this context. We should not however confuse an analytical belief with simple optimism.
    No, I don’t wonder whether it is up to me to make a better place. I know that is up to me, and you, and your readers, and all our friends, and neighbours, and acquaintances, and……..

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      1. True ………. but we should be questioning the purpose before we take action. Realistically, we may also question the purpose during our “action” but that is no more than simply pausing to check our direction. As somebody once said “There’s nothing worse than climbing to the top of your ladder, only to find that it was leaning against the wrong wall!”

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