“Studying” Poetry


With my semester results on the line,
I resort to my books
To “study” about rhyme.

They tell me that poetry
Can be easily classified,
Into ode and elegy.

That every poem has a metre,
That can be deciphered
By any dedicated seeker.

But then I realise,
Poetry is no science!
That a sea can roar,
And hopes can soar.

And if this answer
Fails to impress,
I’ll tell my teacher,
“Just ask WordPress!”


3 thoughts on ““Studying” Poetry

  1. KFC, Falls of Neuse Rd., 22 January 2007

    When a sub-culture dies, the world gets dragged,
    Toes pointed up, and appropriately tagged.
    You battle to work your way up the scale
    But now it’s three bucks for a pint of ale.
    Blue collar means work at the new KFC,
    Good jobs, and vacation days moved overseas.
    You can play gangster but you know it’s no game,
    Or you can throw down to attain fleeting fame.
    You can educate your way out of this mess,
    But cubicle jobs only go to the blessed.
    Blessed to be white in a world full of color,
    Blessed not to know what it’s like to live under
    The rules meted out and enforced by the law:
    So do you tell them what you just saw?
    Or are you inclined to let it slide,
    While children cower, their Dad’s full of pride,
    But most likely part of those already jailed,
    The cross is salvation, but who’s next to be nailed?

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