“The” Assignment

She came home with a special assignment,
Ma, what should I be when I grow up?
“Doctor”, her mother said;
“Engineer”, her brother said;
Yet her father said nothing.

The next day when the teacher asked her,
She said, “A boy”.


19 thoughts on ““The” Assignment

      1. … and yet they continue to perpetuate themselves but beyond procreation we still need each other. The allure is far more enticing than the outcome, but in the meantime society seems hell bent on stifling roles …

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      2. I think so. The other day someone asked me why I write and my answer which gradually evolves with every word to be sure, is because it allows me to experiment with what is happening inside without committing to it in public. Words in a blog versus acting like an idiot in a bar I suppose. Know this, that as much as I try to decry the stereotypes, in the end, I’m still a male. πŸ™‚

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      3. Here too people ask me why I write, and here in my college ( I study in a girls’ college) most of what I write is categorised as rebellious, uncultured, and not to forget ‘bad’. They keep asking me why I’m against all the ‘normal’ practices of the society… That’s what I’m against… That these hideous practices are ‘normal’.

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