Neglected and Forgotten?

This is my first attempt at poetry. Wrote this on the spot in college when i found out that I had registered myself for poetry recitation competiton instead of debate :). We were asked to recite original poems about women-issues in lieu of International Women’s Day and, astonishingly, I won! Can you believe it?!

The painting too is a result of my relentless nocturnal doodling. I felt that it fit right into the rhythm of my poem.


I lie in the dark corner of the room
Lamenting my birth and existence
I shut my eyes, yet, the darkness is the same
My tears have dried, but my heart’s still wailing.

I had once dreamt of standing tall
Making my own mark in the world
But, you pushed me into a bottomless pit
Bearing the marks of the world.

You tell me there is still hope
That all is not lost
It is your duty to lift me up
For you have drained me of all my strength.

I need to feel the touch of a caring hand
For I dont recall that feeling anymore
You tell me I have a spark
Little do you know that my fire has been doused.

I am the girl in the womb
Whom you deemed unfit to live
I am that little naive girl
Whose innocence you exploited.

I am that college going daughter
Who fell prey to the lust of salivating dogs
I am that working woman
Who you gyrated against in the bus.

I am that mother of five daughters
Whom you set ablaze in your impotent rage
I am the diety you worship in your temples
And the one you strip bear in your streets.

You told me I had my own rights
And yet, you were the one who took them all away
You chide me to stand up for myself
How can I do that when you’ve broken my legs?

In your speeches, you praise me
In your homes, you molest me
In your writings, you tell me I am the future
And yet you strive to destroy my future.

You raise me like a slave
You trade me like a commodity
You treat me like your property
And you justify your crimes in the name of culture.

All this time, I have stood by you unfailingly
I will rise and strike you down
And nothing will ever be the same again.

I am neglected and forgotten
And I don’t care
Afterall, I don’t need you to define me
I am a woman, Not a word.

40 thoughts on “Neglected and Forgotten?

  1. Paani se tasveer kahan banti hai,
    Khwabo se taqdeer kahan banti hai.
    Kissi bhi rishte ko sachche dil se nibhao,
    Kyunki ye zindagi phir wapas kahan milti hai.
    Kaun kissi se chah kar dur hota hai,
    Har koi apne halaton se majbur hota hai.
    Hum to bus itna jante hai har rishta Moti aur har dost Kohinoor hota hai


  2. I am the diety you worship in your temples
    And the one you strip bear in your streets.

    ^Those are probably two of my favorite lines in this, but the whole poem is very beautiful. Great job! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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