Untitled #1

Wrote this a while ago, the painting that follows is inspired by the same. ‚Äč—– Arya was conflicted. She wanted to love more than to be loved, but she didn’t always succeed at this endeavor. The minute she felt her defence slipping, the moment she sensed her heart flutter, she would deem it weak and […]

January 2017 Reading List

This year I’ve decided it would be great to compile a reading list for every month. There are so many great authors I am yet to read, I thought it would be best if I start somewhere!! The following list is based off of the one published by #forreadingaddicts page on Facebook. This month will […]

Inktober is here! Day#1

I’ve decided to try really hard to follow through this time for Inktober! So I’ll be posting a drawing everyday, accompanied by a quote! Here’s the first one! When mind is still, then truth gets her chance to be heard in the purity of the silence.  – Sri Aurobindo